Emergency Care Referrals

If your pet has an accident or becomes ill after normal business hours, rest assured that emergency care is available in St. Louis area. We refer emergency cases to the following facilities:
1021 Howard George Drive
Manchester, MO 63021
Big Bend and I-44
9937 Big Bend Road
St. Louis, MO 63122
Occasionally, in order for your pet to receive the best care possible, it may be necessary to refer you to a veterinary specialist. These doctors have additional training and facilities that can provide you with more options for diagnostics and treatment.
We are fortunate in our area to have fine referral clinics with specialists in many areas. Depending on your pet's condition and your location, we may refer you to one of the following clinics.
Animal Emergency Clinic (for emergencies, intensive and overnight care)
• Animal Eye Associates (for ophthalmology cases)
• Animal Skin Clinic (for dermatologic and allergy conditions)
Associated Veterinary Specialists (for medical and dental care)
Bluepearl Pet Hospital (for complex medical, surgery and ophthalmology cases)
University of Missouri Veterinary Teaching Hospital (nearly all specialties are available)
Veterinary Behavior Consultations (for behaviorial issues)
Veterinary Imaging Specialists (for radiology and ultrasounds)
Veterinary Specialty Services (for surgery, medicine, emergency and critical care)